Saturday, May 29, 2010

And the adventure begin

So my flight to Cairo was nearly empty. I had an window seat and the emergancy exit row to myself. It was really nice after running around Geneva. I would love to spend some proper time oddly reminded me of Portland.

Cairo has not changed too much. But more women are wearing head scarves and even more in niqabs. I really would to ask why but that can wait.  My friend Yara did pick me up at the airport with some of her other friends. I should be able to move into my apartment on Sunday.  I am getting acustom to playing frogger.  Yes, crossing the street here is that bad.


  1. Hey Mary,

    I hope you have a safe journey. Learn as much as you can and just enjoy yourself.. I will keep checking on you from time to time.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Received a package today from your Mom---"WOW" the best almond crescent cookies from the Greek restaurant in Ohio. What a treat! Tell us about your apartment?

  3. Helody Mary,
    Hope all is well, take care of yourself and don't play in the streets. Be Careful, and always look behind you. We will be thinking about you. BE SAFE